3 Tips to Do a Pro Table Tennis Serve

Want to master your table tennis serve?

A good serve is one of the keys to success in a table tennis game. After all, without a strong serve, you’ll have a difficult time scoring points.

Don’t let a weak serve hold you back.

Keep reading for three tips to a better serve.

Why It Matters

An impressive serve is important in table tennis because it’s the only time you’ll have complete control of the ball and where it’s going.

When you’re serving, you don’t have interference or distraction from the other player and you can take your time to do it right if you know how.

To gain a point in the game, it must begin with your serve. So, it pays to have a good one. You can also work to determine the return stroke of your opponent based on the type of serve you send them.

Let’s break down what makes a great serve.

1. Placement

Where the ball lands on your opponents’ side of the table will determine whether it was a good or bad serve.

While every player is different with various strengths and weaknesses while playing, there are areas of the table that will always be harder to return a serve from. This is where you should be focusing.

The best place to try to aim is at the crossover point. This is the place on the table where your opponent will have to switch from a forehand to a backhand swing, causing them to act quickly.

Avoid half-long serves which will land in the middle of the other side and then bounce to your opponent, waiting with their swing. This makes it very easy to return a serve and gives them enough time to place the ball in an area that will be difficult for you to return as well.

2. Spin

The spin you put on the ball works to deceive your opponent and make them think the ball is going in a different direction that it is.

Some serves may look the same but have different kinds of spin on them that only the player serving can detect.

The most common types of spin are backspin, which makes the ball spin backward and the opposite of that; topspin.

When dealing with spin you also want to consider how much spin you put on the ball and where the spin will cause the ball to land on the other side.

A tactic some players use is to make it very obvious where the ball is heading and then use spin to change the placement at the last moment.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

This is perhaps the most important part of perfecting your serve; practice.

Practice allows you the time to fine-tune your serving skills and experiment with different types of spin, pressure, and placement without the risk of losing a game.

Get a bucket of balls and work on your serve. If you want to see how an opponent would return your various serves, find a practice partner.

Perfect Your Table Tennis Serve Today

With the tips above, you’re well on your way to mastering your table tennis serve and upping your game.

Different kinds of serves work for different players. Be sure to experiment with what feels most comfortable for you and what can throw your opponent off balance when it comes to the return.

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