7 Reasons Why Table Tennis Is Good for Your Workplace

Playing ping pong at the office may seem far fetched if you’ve only ever worked for traditional companies.

But, actually having ping pong at the office is a great tool for getting your employees to work better together and a great way to give them an outlet for their stress.

Still not convinced it’s time to move a ping pong table into your office space? Read on for seven of the best reasons.

1. Ping Pong at the Office Fosters Healthy Competition

Having healthy competition in your workplace can help create a more productive atmosphere for all of your employees. Work is a naturally competitive place, and table tennis gives your employees another outlet for their competition.

It also gives you the opportunity to put people on teams and see how they work together. It’s a great way to teach people how to balance out each other’s strengths and weaknesses to create a team.

2. It’s a Great Way to Take a Break from the Computer

Working on the computer can lead to the development of long term conditions like musculoskeletal disorders, nervous system problems, visual disturbances, and problems handling stress.

It’s a good idea to take a break from the computer every once in a while to participate in another activity and give your body a break.

3. It Gets Your Mind Moving

Ping pong can be a mentally active game, even if you don’t use the proper scoring. You have to focus on the ball and work on your reaction time in order to score a point.

It’s nice to use ping pong as a way to get your mind moving without having to think directly about a work problem. A ping pong table can be a particularly good tool for creatives whose minds might wander while engaged in a rousing match.

4. It Encourages People to Meet

In some offices, everyone knows each other and they all go out for drinks on the weekends. But in other offices, it can feel like people are passing ships in the night.

If you want your employees to be sure to meet each other and get to know one another, purchase table tennis for them to gather around.

5. It Establishes Company Culture

When someone walks in for a job interview and they see a ping pong table in your office, they are probably thinking that you offer your employees fun incentives.

People want to work for a company that sees them as a human and wants to make sure they have outlets for entertainment throughout the day.

6. It Can Be Used for Other Things

You never know when you’re going to need a spare large table around the office. It can function as a buffet table for parties and act as a secondary conference table if your company continues to grow.

7. To Promote an Active Atmosphere

If there is table tennis at your office, people are bound to use it. Some people might even develop a lunchtime table tennis league. The table can end up leading to a lot more camaraderie than just a little volley back and forth.

Where to Get Supplies for Tennis Table

Playing ping pong at the office isn’t just a silly idea for businesses with CEOs who are 25. It can be a great tool to bring people together and promote healthy competition.

If you’re ready to purchase a table for your office, check out our custom selection of blades today.