Table Tennis: Official Ping Pong Rules

Ping pong has become more popular worldwide since it was made an Olympic sport in 1988. Partly because it’s a sport we can play at any age. So it’s about time you learn the ping pong rules. Setting the Rules The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) is the worldwide governing body for competitive table tennis. Individual countries and international […]

Smart Serve: How the Smart Tabletop Ping Pong Table Has Changed the Game

Jocks don’t rule the sports world. Not anymore. Ever since the rise of advanced analytics, sports has become the domain of the nerds and the scientists. It started with the sabermetric revolution in baseball, and the trend has expanded to affect football, basketball, and even curling. Ping pong is not immune to the trends of the sports world, […]

Do the Clothes Make the Player? How Your Ping Pong Outfit May Change Your Game

Have you heard about Serena Williams’s latest couture kerfuffle? In January, the tennis great competed in the Australian Open wearing a bilious green jumpsuit and fishnet stockings — to mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. This highly publicized fashion faux pas comes after Williams donned a controversial catsuit for last year’s French Open. French Tennis Federation president Bernard […]

It’s in Your Hands: Here’s How to Perfect Your Table Tennis Grip

In 2017, more than 16.04 million people over the age of six played table tennis. This shows how popular the activity is, and these numbers continue to rise. If you are new to table tennis, it’s absolutely imperative for you to start with the basics. This includes learning the proper table tennis grip. Even if you have been […]