Making the Fun Last: 3 Tips for Maintaining Your Table Tennis Table

As table tennis has grown in popularity, more people are purchasing high-end table tennis tables. These pieces are generally wood with a few rubber edges. Maintaining them can be easily forgotten. If you want to maintain your table’s longevity, it’s important to clean and store it so it doesn’t get damaged in the everyday hustle and bustle […]

Variety Is the Spice of Life! 4 Other Ping Pong Games You Can Play on Your Table Tennis Table

Chances are good that you’ve played a round of ping-pong at least once. It’s a familiar and popular pastime that’s enjoyed around the world. Believe it or not, ping pong was once a game for the upper classes. In late Victorian England, the elites would gather after dinner and play with champagne corks for balls and […]

Will It Fit? How Much Room Do I Need for a Table Tennis Table?

Over 200,000 people play ping pong in the UK. Why? Because it’s good fun! You could join a league or find a competitive ping pong event. But, in truth, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home to enjoy the sport. Nothing adds an element of fun and competition to your recreation room like a ping […]

Table Tennis Or Ping Pong: A Story Behind The Two Popular Names

In times when table tennis is an official sport, many people are actually wondering which name is mostly used to describe this sport. Speaking of, there are two main names that are used to describe the sport – table tennis and ping pong. However, many are shocked to discover that there is no actual difference […]