How Beginners Can Choose the Best Table Tennis Bats

Table tennis (or ping pong, if you prefer) is so much more than a game. At the competitive level, it’s a high-performance sport testing the focus and training of skilled players.

But everyone has to start somewhere, and a player is only as good as their equipment. To take your table tennis game to the next level, you’ll need table tennis bats worthy of your skill.

Here’s everything you need to know about finding the best table tennis racket for beginners.

Learn Your Play Preferences

Your favored bat type will ultimately depend on your playstyle preference. Suffice to say, you’ll need to play some games in order to learn what kind of table tennis player you are.

Grab some friends and play a few practice matches. Get a feel for the game and pay attention to how you like to play.

Are you the type of player that believes the best defense is a good offense? Or maybe you’re a bit more reserved and prefer to defend while letting your opponent exhaust themselves.

There’s no right or wrong play style, but your preferences from how you hold the bat to how aggressive you like to play will impact your choice of a bat.

Don’t Spend a Fortune on Your First Table Tennis Bat

It’d be easy to assume that a higher-end, more expensive table tennis bat is going to be the best choice. After all, a higher price tag means higher quality in most instances.

While that may be true, it doesn’t mean you should run out and spend a fortune right away.

But you’ll need to experiment and get a feel for the game in order to find a bat and play style that works for you.

Instead of spending tons of cash on high-end bats, start off with several lower-end models of varying build and weight. As long as your bat has the International Table Tennis Federation seal of approval, it’s hard to go wrong.

Bat to Basics: The Core Components of a Table Tennis Bat

Before you head to the store to purchase your first bats, let’s go over a few basics.
Each bat is comprised of six core components:

  • Blade.
  • Grip (handle).
  • Front rubber.
  • Front sponge.
  • Back rubber.
  • Back sponge.

Different materials will affect different aspects of your gameplay.

Take a bat’s weight, for instance.

A bat made mostly of plywood is a trade-off as your returns will have a bit more impact but you’ll have less control. In contrast, a lightweight carbon bat is going to offer more control but less power.

The type of material you prefer will ultimately depend upon your style. Most shops are more than happy to let you take a bat for a spin (no pun intended) so feel free to try before you buy.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best Table Tennis Bats

Choosing the right table tennis bats can often be an intimidating endeavor for newcomers.

Make an effort to play as much as you can before making a purchase, and pay close attention to your playstyle. Soon enough you’ll be serving topspins and slices like a pro!

Feel free to reach out and get in touch if you have any questions. Whether you’re looking to find the perfect bat or want advice on getting the right table, our passion is helping players like you.