How to Learn the Ultimate Spin Ping Pong Moves

Want to learn how to be a Jedi ping-pong player with some cool spin ping pong moves? We’re going to let you know why spin ping pong is helpful. Not only that, we’re going to dig into how it’ll improve your game.

The next ping pong match you schedule will no doubt reek rewards. That’s because these awesome tips and tricks are going to skyrocket your skills, fast. Keep reading to learn the ultimate spin ping pong moves.

Ping Pong Tricks

Your ping pong strategy is vital for your success in the game. To spin the ball the right way, you’ll need to follow some tips. Try these while you practice:

  • Move your body with your arm, but keep your arm as straight as possible
  • Secure your core, you might notice tension in your abs if you’re doing it right
  • Keep your feet flat and firm on the ground
  • Bend your knees to give you your best chance at shifting left or right, fast

Like any other sport, you want to be ready to move fast to catch up with the ball. These tips will ensure you’re ready to move and aim when the ball strikes.

Serving and Maintaining

You won’t be able to spin without a proper serve and maintaining a back and forth rhythm. A good serve in table tennis should have an accurate placement within the borders. Pay attention to the amount of force you’re using.

The best technique is to keep your arm straight, so the ball doesn’t curve. For maintaining a rhythm, you’ll need a little practice. Keep the fun moving forward with three awesome tips!

Keeping a clean table and paddle are both important. Having the right equipment will also ensure your best chance at winning. But enough of technique and practice, let’s get into the spinning.

How to Spin Ping Pong

Mastering spinning is not as easy as it looks. It’s like bending the kick of a soccer ball and has everything to do with mastering physics. This takes skill, patience, and a little luck.

The best way to position your body is with your dominant let in front of you. You don’t want too wide a gap between your legs, only a step forward. Move forward and serve by sweeping your arm in a scoop.

Remember to keep your elbow and wrist still, and keep the movement in your shoulder. Aim to hit under the ping pong. Here’s where it gets tricky.

You don’t want to have a direct hit to the ball with your paddle. Instead, think about it as spinning the ball with the paddle. Scoop under, then bring the paddle toward you to create a spin effect.

You want enough pressure so the ball goes over the net, but not enough so it’s a direct hit. Spinning your ball is about manoeuvring your paddle.

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Spin ping pong isn’t the only trick we have up our sleeve! Check out our table tennis and tennis blog for more cool moves. We’ll also give you secrets to winning any tournament, so at your next holiday, you can shine.

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