It’s in Your Hands: Here’s How to Perfect Your Table Tennis Grip

In 2017, more than 16.04 million people over the age of six played table tennis. This shows how popular the activity is, and these numbers continue to rise.

If you are new to table tennis, it’s absolutely imperative for you to start with the basics. This includes learning the proper table tennis grip.

Even if you have been playing for years, there’s always room for improvement. Keep reading to learn how to perfect your table tennis grip.

The Right Table Tennis Grip: What Does it Look Like?

The shake-hand grip is the most common used by novice and experienced players alike. If you are using this grip, your hands should be in the following positions:

  • Index finger on the backhand rubber
  • Thumb tucked on the forehand side
  • Three other fingers wrapped loosely around the bat’s handle
  • No gap between the top of the handle and your hand
  • The crease or “V” of the hand is in line with the bat’s edge

There are some new players who try to play the game with just two fingers or even on fingers, on the bat, which is called the hammer grip. Others place their thumb on the rubber’s forehand, while some don’t wrap their hand around the handle properly.

It’s important to avoid these mistakes to ensure you have the right grip. If you don’t get your grip right, then you may find that your game suffers. The good news is, by using the tips here, you can avoid the issue completely.

Additional Tips to Improve Your Grip

If you want to ensure you have the best grip possible while playing table tennis, you need to focus on this early on. There are a few additional tips you can use to improve your grip, as well. Here’s what you should try:

  • Maintain a soft grip on your handle
  • Keep the tip of the index finger on the backhand rubber, not sticking off of the edge
  • Avoid changing your grip during rallies
  • Check the “V” crease regularly

It’s important that you remember that everyone is going to have a slightly different grip for their bat. You should not get too overly concerned with if yours is “perfect.”

What’s important is making sure that your grip isn’t so bad that it is going to affect your game. You need to feel confident and comfortable with the grip you use.

Getting a Grip: The Importance of Holding the Bat Properly

Table tennis isn’t a passing trend. It is something that people have played for years and the sport continues growing.

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