Making the Fun Last: 3 Tips for Maintaining Your Table Tennis Table

As table tennis has grown in popularity, more people are purchasing high-end table tennis tables. These pieces are generally wood with a few rubber edges. Maintaining them can be easily forgotten.

If you want to maintain your table’s longevity, it’s important to clean and store it so it doesn’t get damaged in the everyday hustle and bustle of your life.

If you’d like to learn more about how to clean your table tennis table, keep reading!

1. Buy a Cover for Your Table

The most important part of keeping your table healthy is purchasing a table cover.

A table cover allows you to protect the surface of your table from drinks, the weather, and UV light. Covering the surfaces of your tables will help them last longer.

One of the benefits of a space-saving table is that you can fold the piece up when it’s not in use. Storing it out of the way and covering it in storage will keep the piece safe during the off-season.

2. Clean the Paddle

Possibly the most important part of table tennis is the paddle.

You need to clean these rubber-backed pieces too! Because of the rubber sections, your favorite paddles can sometimes crack with age or disuse. New rubber is springy and allows the balls to bounce off of its surface properly.

If you do not maintain your paddles the rubber will dry and crack. This halts that necessary springiness in its tracks.

When cleaning your paddle use warm water and soap. A kitchen sponge is the only tool you’ll need. Scrub the paddles down and keep going until the rubber starts to feel springy again.

Sometimes warm water and soap aren’t enough. For paddles that are a little too far gone, consider picking up some rubber cleaning solution from a sporting goods store.

Be careful though. Some players have said the solutions will degrade the rubber faster if overused.

3. Clean Your Table Regularly

When it comes to cleaning your table, most times all it takes is a couple of soft cloths, some water, and vinegar.

First and foremost, remove the net from the middle of your table. When that’s done, wipe down the surface of your table, removing dust and grime.

Next, dilute your vinegar with water. This is very important as vinegar can break down surfaces if it’s too potent. Spraying down the surface with your vinegar solution allows you to control how much area is covered.

Once that’s done, wipe it down with your cloths.

If you feel like vinegar isn’t going to be enough to clean your table, invest in some table tennis table cleaners.

Most times, a simple cleaning will be enough to keep your table safe.

Why It’s Important to Clean Your Table Tennis Table

Keeping your table clean and maintained is extremely important for those invested in this sport. These tables are investments. Keeping them healthy will save you money in the long run. Always clean and store your table after a match.

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