Wood Nut Pure Defensive Table Tennis Blade Review

Wood Nut Pure Defensive Table Tennis Blade - Cherry

Wood Nut Pure Defensive Blade – Cherry

We have received an excellent and in-depth review about the Wood Nut Pure Defensive Table Tennis blade from one of Yorkshire’s top defenders! Read the full review below.



“I have purchased the Wood Nut Cherry blade from Custom Table Tennis and have been using it for nearly 3 weeks now. I have never left a review before for table tennis products but I have been so impressed with this blade it deserves one.

Firstly I contacted Steve at Custom Table Tennis, as I had damaged my oversized Butterfly Matsushita blade and couldn’t get a replacement.
Steve talked through my style of play and asked what I wanted from a blade.
I wanted an oversize blade that had excellent touch and control when defending , but also the power and speed to make attacking loops and kills for the modern defensive style. Often the combining these attributes is impossible.
Steve recommended the Wood Nut Cherry and it arrived 2 days later, with Xiom Pro on one side and long pimples on the other.

The first thing I noticed when the bat arrived was the absolute quality and feel of the bat , perfectly balanced and so much lighter than my butterfly blade ( 30% lighter). I had a league match the next evening ( my standard of play is city and county level)and arrived an hour early to practice with the new bat , I had no adaption issues and got on with it straight away, yes it felt different , but it also reassuringly oozed quality and craftsmanship giving me confidence.All the contact with the ball was consistent with a very large sweet spot. The touch was second to none, both short pushes over the table to distant chopping. Looping was consistent and when I needed to hit/kill the ball , it stayed hit!

I used the bat in the league match and won all my games! Not bad when using a bat for the first time.

Thanks Steve for your advice and for a great bat! – John Chew.”


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