3 Expert Strategies to Win at Table Tennis

Did you know that table tennis is the most popular racket sport in the world and over 10 million players compete in tournaments each year?

The sport is becoming increasingly popular in workplaces and homes alike, so if you want to beat your opponents in your next match, you need to check out our 3 expert ping pong tips!

History of Table Tennis

Firstly, let’s take a quick look at the history of table tennis. Table tennis was invented in the early 20th century in England. The sport was originally named Ping-Pong, which is a trade name.

The International Table Tennis Federation was founded in 1926, following the first world championships were held in London in the same year.

In 1988, table tennis became an Olympic sport, with both singles and doubles competitions available for women and men. By mid-1990s, over 165 national associations were members of the International Table Tennis Federation.

How to Be the Best at Ping Pong

Like any sport, to be good at table tennis, you need to have good technique, train regularly and stretch your muscles. If you are a beginner or are looking to sharpen your ping pong skills then have a look at our tips:

1. Stay Focussed

Key to being crowned the ping pong champion, you need to stay focused. The ultimate winner is determined by the one who keeps the ball on the table and thus gets the most points.

Your ping pong strategy needs to involve consistent and accurate shots, instead of impressive and risky shots. Consistently keeping the ball on the table will help you win.

Remember these two table tennis hacks to win:

  • Focus on controlling the ball.
  • Aim your shots at the areas that are tricky for your opponent to get.

(Tricky areas to aim for include: wide forehand, wide backhand, and the middle point between forehand and backhand.)

2. Learn About Spins and Angles

Table tennis players rely on spinning the ball to win. Keep your eye on your opponent’s racket. If their racket moves from low to high, that is a topspin. If it moves high to low, that is a backspin.

To try and win a point against a topspin, you need to angle your racket face down and contact the ball above its centre. To try and win a point against a backspin, you need to angle your racket face up and contact the ball below its centre.

3. Make Your Serve Count

Your serve is the only time when you are in complete control, so make your serve count.

Try using a heavy backspin serve, or a fast serve, because your opponent is less likely to return the ball, or will do so but with a poor shot. And remember to aim your serving shots at the tricky areas.

Implement These Ping Pong Tips into Your Strategy to Become a Champion

How to get good at table tennis? Practice, practice, practice! Practice makes perfect, so grab yourself a table tennis partner and start playing.

Try out our tips on how to win at ping pong and check out these other 4 expert table tennis tips.

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